Adaptive Bodywork (Structural Integration) offers compassionate, transformative, energetic, bodywork, empowering movement awareness education, and the psycho-physiological connection of the mind and body to those seeking optimal function of their bodies.

This is a 16-hour intensive introducing the Adaptive Bodywork Foundation principles and Techniques.  This will include theoretical and practical exploration of the principles underlying Structural Integration, building an understanding of session goals and sequencing, and becoming more proficient in the fascial-release techniques fundamental to restoring alignment. We will discuss the appropriate use of Stands, dowels and anti-slip materials as well as the therapists ergonomic considerations including developing smart feet

This course will take us through a journey of the body’s evolution into a new state of ‘maturity’ and balance as it responds to the strategic release of fascia restriction.  You will learn session sequencing, goals, and content based upon this unfolding process within the body.  Each session will depend upon your skills in observation and anatomical alignment studied and practiced within this course.  Each progressive session will also help to build your experience and confidence in hands-on, fascial release techniques supporting re-alignment, as well as provide real and practical feedback on session work previously completed.

This is an opportunity to study the
Adaptive Bodywork Foundation principles and Techniques

You will learn:

  • Sequencing for the full Series – Sessions 1 – 6
  • Session goals and techniques
  • Observation & anatomical alignment skills
  • Fascial-release techniques
  • Group interaction, hands-on application of concepts, and significant mentoring are key elements of this course.

Improve posture and body shape

  • Improve overall balance
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Greater range of motion and flexibility
  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce effort in activity
  • Look and feel younger
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Increase energy, vitality, and fitness
  • Balanced tone throughout the tissues
  • Alleviate chronic pain, tension, and rigidity
  • Easier and fuller breath capacity
  • Move more efficiently and fluidly
  • Balanced tone throughout the tissues
  • Alleviate chronic pain, tension, and rigidity
  • Easier and fuller breath capacity
  • Move more efficiently and fluidly
  • Improve athletic performance and prevent injury
  • Expand sense of wellbeing
  • Improve quality of life and embody long-lasting health and radiant well-being

The study of observation and alignment technique is considered to be 50% of this work and is directly applicable across movement and bodywork disciplines.

Successful completion of this course is a base for providing structural bodywork. Usage of ‘Adaptive Bodywork’ to describe your work is allowed only after successful completion of the Certification course in Adaptive Bodywork.

All students will need to demonstrate proficiency in session content and application prior to full certification as an Adaptive Bodywork practitioner.  The requirements for Certification in Adaptive Bodywork include:

  • Practical experience and techniques application on multiple partners
  • Demonstration of communication skills to encourage client to drive process actively
  • Demonstration of appropriate ergonometric technique application, weight transfer and technique setup
  • Pre and post session client evaluation skills and cueing.
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