Actively Create Space In Your Body

Adaptive Bodywork is a holistic system that
removes pain from your body
by adaptively re-configuring
your connective tissue support system
to optimize and enhance your every movement.

  • Adaptive Bodywork stems from Rolf Structural Integration and is developed by human structural integrators

  • Practitioners of ABW view your body holistically and use their bodies adaptively to do the work on a variety of surfaces.
  • The work realigns and properly tensions your fascial support network, laying down a new and more youthful structural architecture.

  • Unlike other therapies, you are engaged and participate actively during the entire process.

Is Adaptive Bodywork for you?

If you are experiencing any movement limitation or physical discomfort,
you can absolutely benefit from Adaptive Bodywork.

Adaptive Bodywork (ABW) offers an ongoing and responsive solution that enables you to create an optimized connective tissue matrix. When combined with appropriate movement therapy, the results can be exceptional.

ABW improves the lives of people :

  • Suffering from chronic pain

  • Who want improve their mobility, posture and vitality

  • Wishing to enhance their overall physical and emotional well being

  • Seeking innovative way to improve athletic performance.

Unlike traditional massage techniques, Adaptive Bodywork unravels patterns of deeply held tension in your body by focusing on your fascia support network. Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together, a connective tissue network. It’s everywhere from your head to your toes, inside-to-out. It is an interwoven system of fibrous connective tissue found throughout the body. The fascia is a support network attaching, stabilizing, enclosing and separating your muscles and organs. By working on tensions that are deeply connected to the mind, the nervous system, and the myofasical/muscular structure, your ABW practionner enables you to remodel your fascia to enhance your body’s every movement.

If you want to improve your physical/emotional well-being or
enhance your athletic performance and
live a more balanced, integrated and functional life,
Adaptive Bodywork is for you!

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Dave MacLean, Personal Trainer“Adaptive Bodywork got me training hard again after a serious lumbar spine injury! I now use it with my personal training clients, as it allows me to work with people who I would have previously had to refer out…”

Dave MacLean, A Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Based in Vancouver, Dave has Trained and Coached Over 1,000 People Across Canada…

“I use Adaptive Bodywork as my first stop every time. When it comes to acute injuries, I can work to resolve them with clients in a matter of minutes, or at least set them up for success with recovery…”

Alexis Jacques, Former Tactical Athlete

“John’s innovative approach to functional assessment, communication and exploration of the body are both powerful and incredibly accessible.

The process through which we assess tissue function empowers you to safely explore the optimization of athletic performance and recall injury or imbalance to proper form.

The experience of discovering new functionality within a single session truly changes the way one considers what ‘normal’ means in muscle performance. Any coach, trainer, or athlete who expects to perform and progress consistently should view Adaptive Bodywork as an essential tool in their training system.”

Matthew Johnson, Head Coach , Route Setter at Bloc Shop, Montreal, Quebec

Angèle Dubeau“D’aussi loin que je me souvienne la musique fait partie de ma vie.

Tout comme un athlète le musicien use et façonne son corps.

Le violon n’étant certes pas une position naturelle, j’ai depuis toujours fait appel à des thérapeutes pour m’aider.

Depuis un an je vois régulièrement John Sutherland qui m’a très efficacement redonné amplitude et souplesse dans mes mouvements en plus de m’enlever des douleurs persistantes.

Merci John !”

Angèle Dubeau, O.C.,C.Q.,DFA – Violoniste

As a physiotherapist, I initially thought Adaptive Bodywork would just be another tool that I could add to my repertoire as a practitioner; it turns out that it is much more than that.

Adaptive Bodywork has provided me with a truly unique tool to help a wide range of people. The gains I have witnessed with my post-operative patients has been astounding and the professional athletes that I am fortunate to work with have made it a point to work with me on a weekly basis to keep them fresh; of course with the athletic population I mostly work with them post-game in season in order to minimize any changes in body mechanics…yes the results and new found range of motion are that remarkable !

Most importantly this technique allowed me to save my hands. As a former defensive lineman at the CIS (Canadian Inter-university Sport) level my hands have taken a beating, but I can recall that earlier in my professional career as a physiotherapist by day’s end my hands would throb and be sore. Adaptive Bodywork has allowed me to maximize treatment efforts without causing myself any bodily harm which will in turn allow me to help more people efficiently and for a longer time.

I highly recommend Adaptive Bodywork for anyone working in the health care industry as well as those looking to unlock their full movement potential.

Thanks John !

Jethro Constant,
Physiotherapist at Human 2.0
Ottawa, ON

I just finished Unit 1 of Adaptive Bodywork this weekend and all I can say is “Wow!”

I experienced amazing increases in range of motion and reductions in joint pain, all through easy to learn techniques. This was seen throughout all attendees.

I highly recommend taking this course if you’re looking for highly effective ways to decrease pain as well as improve range of motion and performance in those you work with. I’m certainly looking at taking it again myself.

Carlo Celotti,
Conditioning and Strength coach
The Granite Club
Toronto, ON

~Adaptive Bodywork~

I attended Unit 1 certification in San Diego, and it was an eye-opening experience. I call it “the nuclear weapon of bodywork techniques.” It is a derivative of Rolfing/Structural Integration, and it is powerful and effective — but there is more to it. When you experience it, you know what I mean. 😉 But if you are not yet sure if you want to dive in, read John Sutherland’s flyer below. 🙂

Sakura Shibata-Pickford,
HHP & Massage Therapist at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach,
Massage Therapist at Lakewood Total Wellness and CEO & Founder at Healing Energy & Body Works
Huntington Beach, California

Hey John,
The Adaptive Bodywork workshop was great.

I quite enjoyed the experience and have immediately implemented the techniques with great success.

Len Benoit, CPTS
Train SMART – Get FIT – Have FUN

Hi john, I hope all is well. I have been recommending some of my clients to you for structural work, and they have come back with nothing but positive feedback.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the great work that you do.

Sean Lind,
Former Lead Coach at CrossFit Gymnastic Seminar
Vancouver, BC.

I wanted to thank you once again. The work is truly genius and appreciated. I’d like to be mentored by you when our schedules work

Tyler Touchette,
Owner/Head Coach at Caveman Strong
Ottawa, ON

I had AMAZiNG results with my clients. they got scared at first but they are all asking for Adaptive Bodywork now!

Pamela Baillargeon,
Montreal, QC

Gushing I realize, but have to tell you, I went to yoga this morning and everything felt so different and really good. Back bends and my shoulders were way more open. It’s really night and day. Feeling super energized, actually buzzing. Crazy experience, but really enjoying riding this wave. Thanks so so much!

A little painful but worth it? Haha yes a little painful, but really worth it. And actually, I find the experience similar to yoga in the sense that at first you can encounter something blocked (painful), but as you move through it, it is intense but not painful anymore, and you become aware of connections in your body on a much deeper level, which gives you this insight into your own patterns. So, yeah, a bit of pain is a small price. 😊

Yaelle Wittes,
Yoga teacher
Montreal, QC

Great session with John.

Thank you for an awesome hour of Fascial Stretch Therapy!

Sohail Be,
Owner/Director at Academy of Lions
Toronto, ON

Just the beginning but already feel a huge difference thanks John for your work 🙂

Pascale Dumontier,
Montreal, QC

“Adaptive Bodywork helped me to move better and address some long term hip and shoulder issues I had. It has also given me a unique tool that I can offer to my chiropractic patients and fitness clients as well…”

Dr. Sean Francis,
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
Owner of TowerHill Chiropractic &
Kawartha Lakes Chiropractic

After two days, I am still integrating the work we did in the workshop. I mean, I feel my body still happily working (the feeling of “sparkly water” in my body tissues is still present here and there).

I found John’s way of teaching very effective, essential and precise, and the work really deep, effective and complete, too. It is the first time that I have come home after such a short (two days) and intense workshop feeling that my system is engaged, but not too stressed. I mean, I feel that even if my body keeps on working, this is a good echo of the work done, and not an effort due to having to “put together my pieces again” (that usually happens when I attend a workshop or a training where the part about integration is missing). I think that the workshop is very well “designed”, too. And, of course, I am very enthusiastic about using the new tools I brought home.

About my practice, working as a Rolfer and Rolf Movement practitioner, for me this was really precious to approach Structural Integration with such a new perspective that it will give me the opportunity to work with clients involving my complete body in a very effective way.

About me as a dance performer and a woman, what is really making me happy is the feeling that I can keep improving and improving, despite what I hear around about aging. I think I am one among those rare women who do NOT complain about aging and menopause. I mean, I never felt I was losing something because of aging or because of the passing of time, but during the workshop I realized that I was content just “feeling the same” as, maybe, I felt ten years ago, and I had stopped feeling true improvements after a very strong shingles attack occurred in 2014. For me it was actually such a big challenge to come back to how I was feeling before the attack, that I forgot that I could improve more and again. So, now I’m really happy to feel that there is really space for further improvements!

Monica LA Canducci,
Montreal, Quebec

“After a few sessions with Adaptive Bodywork, I had to change direction.

There is no better way, as you grow older, to feel healthier…”

Valery Ulric,
Montreal, Quebec
Owner of CrossFit Montreal

Hi John,

You are my hero!! Yesterday was the first time I could clean over 185 lbs in 6 months without agonizing pain!! Unbelievable! 225 was easy and painless! So excited for tomorrow, see you at 4:30.


Tal Sarraf,
Montreal, QC

I just went to see my therapist, John Sutherland for the tendonitis in my ankle – after a 30 min treatment it’s at 95% (this is after 3 weeks of icing it every day with not much improvement). He’s the real deal and quite affordable.

Alexandros Kouvakas,
Canadian male weightlifter, competing in the 105 kg category and representing Canada at international competitions.

Seriously no more pain. My back ache is gone!

“Just finished an amazing session with John Sutherland! My aches and pains are all gone and I my body is back in good alignment. I highly recommend Adaptive Bodywork to relieve your muscular and/or joint ailments. “

Shelly McDonald – Fitness Professional

Adaptive Bodywork helped me to move better and address some long term hip and shoulder issues I had. It has also given me a unique tool that I can offer to my chiropractic patients and fitness clients as well…”

Dr. Sean Francis, Owner of TowerHill Chiropractic & Kawartha Lakes Chiropractic

These sessions are intense, and not without some discomfort (pain!), but transformative.

I left feeling high and wobbly, and while I could tell right away there were changes happening, it was the next day that I really felt like a different person. I was super energized, felt strong, and my alignment had shifted.

Practicing yoga, I was more connected and way more open – not only in the areas we worked on, but in my whole body. I didn’t have pain for the first time in a long time, and I felt so good, happy, and actually vibrating with energy.

The changes for me were night and day, physically, emotionally and energetically. John, you are great to work with, and although some of the work is sensory rich (painful!), you inspire confidence which helps me move through those moments without fear.

And despite the intensity, I like the experience of working through a place of tension to understand what is happening in my body, become aware of my patterns, and find release.

Truly an awesome experience.
Thank you so much! 🙂

Yaëlle Wittes – is an Adaptive Bodywork practitioner and a Level II Authorized Teacher from the K. Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India.,

I am a special forces operator with the military and I received a severe injury that left me a functional cripple, unable to even run even a few hundred meters without extreme pain and discomfort.

I was referred to John by an acquaintance and while he was well out of my way, I made the trip to see him and I will always be thankful that I did.

In one session John did what a team of doctors had failed to do in a year and a half. I would, without a second thought, recommend anyone to John for therapy; his extensive knowledge and genuine passion for what he does is inspiring and much appreciated.

John saved my career and saved me from surgery, I will always be extremely grateful for that.

Thanks for keeping me in the fight,
A Grateful Soldier

Hi John, I just wanted to thank you for a great course on the weekend. I have applied the principles and techniques of Adaptive Bodywork with my clients over the last 5 days with great success 🙂

As a physiotherapist for the last 16 yrs I have taken many courses and I can honestly say your course has had one the most dramatic immediate affect on my practice. You were a great teacher and I appreciated your insightfulness in understanding human movement.

Please put me on your email list I would be interested in further study with you especially in how you use principles of structural integration when assessing clients….. if you do that sort of thing in the other courses.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Terry Christensen, PT, CSCS
Registered Physiotherapist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Hi John! That was by far one of the best seminars I’ve ever done! You’re a great teacher and an interesting personality for sure.

We all felt wiped for a day but it was more than worth it!

Damjan Radulovic,
Personal Trainer at Movati Athletic
Ottawa, ON

Hola John! I just want to thank you again for sharing your knowledge, I have been using what I’ve learnt with you during the course and it has been great!

Thanks again, I can’t wait for unit 2!!!

Gracias, your amigo Carlos

Hey John, thanks again for everything, I am a still blown away by the course and have been applying the techniques with all my clients so far today with great results. I’m am very happy with the impact I am now able to make. Also I feel amazing! Have been loving venturing into all the new movement my body has and going through old movements flawlessly. In regards to my forward flexion, I have been doing a bit of stretching to keep progressing the work we did and I’d say I’m actually still gaining. Also with my “skin the cat” stretches, not only has my forward flexion doubled to get into the position but by releasing my shoulders, I can now drop twice as deep.

Tyler Lepointe,
Personal Trainer at Movati Athletic
Oleans, ON

Hi John just wanted to touch base and tell you how awesome the course was. Sara and I loved it! I knew it would be good but it was even better than I expected. You did a great job presenting the material and keeping everyone engaged. The system and environment you set up are both open and limitless. I am really excited to work with people and to share this with other trainers.


Shawn Mozen,

Hi John,
I am happy to report further progress. The progress apparently was so visible that someone asked me what have I done to go from being miserable just few weeks ago to perfectly happy. So your good work speaks for itself. I am definitely back on track and the shoulder is clearly healing now. I probably had a pinched nerve somewhere or something like that.

My body feels more elastic and my movements seem more powerful. I was able to easily go into deep over-splits on both legs, something that I struggled with before.

As usual there is a twist. I am so happy to be able to do things again, that I am going a bit nuts in the gym. So I will probably screw myself up in some new way soon.

Elena Gavrina,
Montreal, QC

Encore merci merci John, pour ton TRÈS généreux partage!!

Je suis de plus en plus convaincu de la puissance de cette technique… Enfin une thérapie donc le patient lui même en est responsable!! C’est EXACTEMENT sa que je recherche dans ma pratique, conscientiser mes clients a leur corps, les rendre autonome tout en obtenant les résultats voulu…

Bref, j’ai hâte a samedi!

WOW! Je suis vraiment encore une fois très enthousiaste a la suite de ce 2ième w-e de formation Unit 1! Merci beaucoup pour se partage, j’apprend bcp avec toi John, et j’adore sa. Tu es quelqu’un de généreux et de passionné.

Eliza Courchesne,
Clinique Eliza Courchesne

John’s work is fascinating and remarkably effective. Highly recommended!

Petra Fisher,
Chief Movement Officer at
Movement Revolution Restorative Exercise Studio
Toronto, ON

This is the MAN the METHOD the therapy that got me running after 10 years of not being able walk for more than an hour. I owe a lot to John Sutherland for getting my body to be in a better place. I really recommend Adaptive Bodywork for anyone who has any movement problems. Really worth trying!

Daniel Stanford,
Montreal, QC

“Adaptive Bodywork got me training hard again after a serious lumbar spine injury. I now use it with my personal training clients, as it allows me to work with people who I would have previously had to refer out…”

Dave MacLean,
Vancouver, British Columbia
A Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Based in Vancouver,
Dave has Trained and Coached Over 1,000 People Across Canada…

Completed my Adaptive Bodywork certification over the weekend. And let me tell you, I’m in awe. The changes in performance level that occurred with the participants, including myself, were astounding.

I watched a personal trainer go from about a foot off of the ground to a full split in about 15 minutes using the techniques. Her name is J.R. and she had never done the splits before. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to more.

John Sutherland, you are brilliant! It was an experience that I will never forget. being a participant and a practitioner within the process of certification was a most valuable experience. You are one of a kind and I absolutely loved the wealth of knowledge you shared, your enthusiasm for helping people get their body movement back, and your entertaining way of getting us through the tough techniques and then rejoicing in our wins. My big win (well I had many, but the one I really wanted to achieve) was a full (and perfect) yogi squat. I did it! Now, I realize that this may seem like an easy feat (just try one with the body posture in the correct position and keeping your balance).

Now, do it with a Clubbell extended in front of you in full and correct position! My body is able to do things I have not done in over 10 years and some things it’s never been able to achieve. To put in into perspective I will be 46 years old next month, and I can report that with Len Benoit as my (world-class) trainer, a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb eating routine and Adaptive Body Work, my body has a freedom of movement, a mobility, and agility that I never imagined I could have and by May my weight will match up to my youthful movement.

John Sutherland, Len Benoit, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And… I’m ready for more… what’s next?

Lauren Sage,
Portland, Oregon

In the time I have worked with John Sutherland I have had the benefit of his instruction in terms of nutrition and body work. I met with him and in 2 months lost easily 10 pounds and have overhauled my eating habits. While I still have more refinements to make I have essentially embraced the Paleo diet and feel a lot more energetic and have almost wiped out the “hunger pangs” associated to carb consumption.

I also now stretch daily and my range of motion has increased significantly. My original reason for meeting John was due a hip injury which is now essentially healed. Further more I resumed running training and completed a 21 km race today. This would not have been possible without John’s body work and teaching. He is a passionate and consummate professional who has inspired me to take my fitness further and take charge of my life even more.

My goal is to run another 21 km next fall and to continue to get fitter and come in the race at a leaner weight and ready to take on the world.

Thanks John!

Vincenzo Ciampi,
Montreal, QC

John, thank you for yesterday. The workshop was a great learning experience. I have a lot to digest but it will slowly sink in. Also thanks for the special attention. I have a lot more space in my shoulder, which I’m still exploring, and it feels much better. I’ll come for a session the next time I’m in town

Mark Darby,
Professeur de yoga
Sattva Yoga Shala

K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute
Mysore, Karnataka
Halli Mysore, Karnataka, India

Once we understand what pain is…
it’s empowering…
because we have control

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John’s mission is to remove pain from the body to enable people to live fully.
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Start your journey to structural well being with a comprehensive 45 minute Adaptive Bodywork assessment.

Together we’ll explore what’s holding you back.

Together, we’ll set you on a path to a more balanced and integrated life.

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What's a Adaptive Bodywork session like? Typically, the Adaptive Bodywork assessment will begin with an extensive interview about your history and current habits. [...]

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Start your journey to structural well being with a comprehensive 45 minute Adaptive Bodywork assessment.

Together we’ll explore what’s holding you back.

Together, we’ll set you on a path to a more balanced and integrated life.