AB1 – Adaptive Bodywork Unit I – Optimum Training Centre Toronto

Adaptive Bodywork (Structural Integration) offers compassionate, transformative, energetic, bodywork, empowering movement awareness education, and the psycho-physiological connection of the mind and body to those seeking optimal function of their bodies. This is a 16-hour [...]

Adaptive Bodywork Sessions

What's a Adaptive Bodywork session like? Typically, the Adaptive Bodywork assessment will begin with an extensive interview about your history and current habits. Most Adaptive Bodywork assessments are done in underwear or a bathing [...]

Posture and Attitude, A Two-way Street

During my career as a KMI Structural Integrator or manual therapist, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with people of all ages, fitness levels, and walks of life, from office workers to professional [...]

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