We often need to re-learn how to roll, crawl, and hang, which are patterns that can release the “brakes” from our everyday movement. Behaviors that sabotage strength and lead to pain and injury. AdaptiveBodywork releases the brakes and takes the friction out of your system.

Strive to remove a negative:

Poor sleep, nutrition, ergonomics, stress, immobility, before adding a positive: strength, volume, load, intensity, etc.

You don’t have to perform super-human feats to have great health-span and, by extension, longevity. But you do have to do some very deliberate things to overcome our civilized environment.

The importance of adopting lifestyle behaviors to support exercise and nutrition goals cannot be overemphasized. Joint mobility and tissue health, proper fascia and nervous system regeneration, fueling techniques, sleep and recovery, identifying asymmetries, and proper neuromuscular motor patterns are assessed and addressed with every individual.

Health Hacks

Meditation, intermittent fasting, heavy compound joint and hip-hinge training, intense interval training, body work, supplements, drugs, introspection, sleep hygiene.

My name is John Sutherland and I am the founder of AdaptiveBodywork

I believe you’ve come to the right place and have found the most effective solution to get back in the driver’s seat to jump start your path back to optimal health, balance and well-being. It’s time to take back responsibility for your own healing potential.

Empower yourself and learn how to use your body smarter, not harder in everyday activities. Boost athletic performance and bolster your favorite sport and/or activities such as yoga, pilates, tennis, golfing, running, playing an instrument, cycling, or Tae Kwon Do, etc.

On a Structural level

Adaptive Bodywork is an incredible holistic and educational system that will empower you to take responsibility towards your path to longstanding health and wellness. In essence, the process reveals and reestablishes your natural state of alignment, ease, and balance.

Integrating all the major structures of the body vertically creates an adaptable, resilient, balanced, and energy-efficient whole, unveiling your innate state of vigour and well-being. Adaptive Bodywork is a profound process for your everlasting radiant health and well-being.

Every person’s overall structure is unique and this needs to be taken into consideration when assessing our clients, as the sum of their life’s stressors have been written into their connective tissue support matrix, and thereby continues to limit and participate in all future movement behaviors, for better or worse.

On the body-mind-spirit continuum

Adaptive Bodywork works with the physical and spiritual elements of the fascia, healing limitations from past traumas, both physically and emotionally, while giving strength and balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Adaptive Bodywork positively transforms your outlook on life, your attitude, resilience, optimism, and your functional responsiveness while navigating life’s stressors. The work allows you to become more aware of holding patterns and then enables you to let them go.

AB revives and reconnects areas that have gone off line, due to a protective mechanism known as sensory motor amnesia. Adaptive Bodywork allows client’s to express who they are from their more authentic self.

Adaptive Bodywork offers compassionate, transformative, energetic, bodywork, empowering movement awareness education, and the psycho-physiological connection of the mind and body to those seeking optimal function of their bodies.

The Adaptive bodywork experience – connecting with the flow state

Connecting to something bigger than yourself. Something beautiful, effortless, amazing. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one. Your whole being is involved, immersed, completely absorbed in a timeless experience with intense focus and creative engagement. The ego falls away. You move beyond the everyday reality with a sense of ecstasy and inner clarity. A state of intrinsically motivated peak performance. An optimal experience where you feel strong, alert, in effortless control, unselfconscious, and at the peak of your abilities. You feel as though you almost don’t exist, in a state of awe and wonderment. You lose your sense of self and all of your worries and concerns drift away. You’re on automatic pilot, so you don’t have any thoughts. Almost beyond experiencing emotions, you are right where you need to be, and you feel invincible. connected to something greater than oneself, feeling challenged but not overwhelmed. It is a magical and…special place where performance is exceptional and consistent, automatic and flowing. wrapping us entirely in the present – living a meaningful life.

The AdaptiveBodywork 12 series

helps chronic pain sufferers, athletes, and people of all walks of life that are searching for healthier posture, balance, alignment, and functional ease throughout their entire body.

The AB 12 series aims to produce lasting change and effortless balance, ease, and fluidity in the human body.

In order to restore the form and function of the body and realize postural balance and alignment, the fascial matrix is methodically reorganized and remodeled.

The intention is to establish all the major structures of your body as an integrated whole, embodying your entire structure functionally with structural stability. The new found sensation of a restored whole, naturally embodying resilience, adaptability, stability, and expansional balance will reveal itself, as your integration and healthy relationship with gravity continues well after the series.

The benefits of Adaptive Bodywork include:

  • Improves posture and body shape
  • Improves overall balance
  • Enhances physical performance
  • Greater range of motion and flexibility
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces effort in activity
  • Look and feel younger
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Move more efficiently and fluidly
  • Improve athletic performance and prevent injury
  • Expand sense of wellbeing
  • Increase energy, vitality, and fitness
  • Balanced tone throughout the tissues
  • Easier and fuller breath capacity
  • Move more efficiently and fluidly
  • Alleviate chronic pain, tension, and rigidity

The AdaptiveBodywork team

provides people with the strength to overcome hurdles and an ongoing relief from injuries and the rigors of an active lifestyle.

Active Pain Relief and Human Structural Integration

Removing Pain from the Human body by Adaptively Reconfiguring the Connective Tissue Support System…

Start your journey to structural well being with a comprehensive 90 minute Adaptive Bodywork Session or make it a project with a 3, 6 or 12-series.

Together we’ll explore what’s holding you back.

Together, we’ll set you on a path to a more balanced and integrated life.

Removing Pain from the Human body by Adaptively Reconfiguring the Connective Tissue Support System…

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Are you ready to get started?
Start your journey to structural well being with a comprehensive 90 minute Adaptive Bodywork Session or make it a project with a 3, 6 or 12-series.

Together we’ll explore what’s holding you back.

Together, we’ll set you on a path to a more balanced and integrated life.

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