Hello, I’m John Sutherland, founder and lead Instructor at Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration (ABSI). I’m excited to invite you to our upcoming Adaptive Bodywork Unit I workshop, a comprehensive event where I’ll be leading you through the transformative principles and practices of Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration. The workshop is further enriched with the assistance of Mamoun Bennani and Derek Della Rocca, accomplished movement professionals, and hosted at their esteemed X-Fit Saint-Laurent gym in Montréal.

Personalized Instruction from an Expert:

Adaptive Bodywork workshop

As your main instructor, I’ll share my extensive knowledge and experience in Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration, ensuring a deep and practical understanding of the techniques and their applications.

Comprehensive Introduction to Structural Integration:

The connection and communication between client and therapists

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the core elements of Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration. It’s an ideal opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to explore this unique approach that harmonizes the body and mind.

Enhancing Neurological Connections:

Assessment – defining new movement behaviours

Learn how Structural Integration can improve proprioception—vital for everyone from athletes to movement specialists—to enhance performance, precision, and grace.

Mastery of the Flow State:

Adaptive Bodywork clients – taking responsibility

Discover strategies to help clients achieve a flow state, crucial for heightened focus and peak performance. This is especially valuable for those looking to enhance mental acuity and concentration.

Boosting Spatial Awareness and Coordination:

Curiosity and growth within the sanctuary of Adaptive Bodywork

Experience how Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration supports better spatial awareness and coordination, essential for effective movement and performance in various fields.

Improving Mobility and Fluidity:

Challenging outdated belief systems

Participate in hands-on sessions demonstrating how Adaptive Bodywork can increase range of motion, responsiveness, and promote fluid movement, beneficial for a wide range of professionals.

Who Should Attend

There are no prerequisites

This workshop is ideal for trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, kinesiologists, athletes, yoga practitioners, and anyone interested in elevating their movement and well-being. There are no prerequisites, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Workshop Details

Redefining whats’s possible

  • Date: September 21-22, 2024
  • Location: X-Fit Saint-Laurent, 3863 boul. St-Laurent, suite 201, Montreal, QC
  • Instructor: John Sutherland, with assistance from Mamoun Bennani and Derek Della Rocca

Registration and More Information

The Adaptive Bodywork headquarters – Montreal

To secure your spot in this sought-after workshop, please visit our website or contact us at Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration. Spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended.

Join us at the X-Fit Saint-Laurent gym for a weekend of learning, growth, and transformation under my guidance, supported by the expertise of Mamoun Bennani and Derek Della Rocca. Elevate your practice, enhance your professional skills, and unlock new levels of potential for yourself and your clients. We look forward to welcoming you to this enriching experience.

Embark on Your Transformative Journey:

The Adaptive Bodywork headquarters – Montreal

The meticulously crafted programs at Adaptive Bodywork resonate with the ethos of transcending the ordinary. It’s an invitation to embark on a transformative journey with us, a voyage towards unlocking the zenith of human potential.


The Adaptive Bodywork Team

We warmly invite you to experience the profound impact of our specialized manual therapy. Join us at Adaptive Bodywork, where together we explore a rewarding pathway to a more harmonious existence, unlocking the extraordinary possibilities inherent in the science of human structure and movement.

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