Adaptive Bodywork Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM1) certification workshop

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Join us for the Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM1) certification workshop on March 23-24, 2024, at the Adaptive Bodywork headquarters in Montreal. This event is not just about learning; it’s an immersive experience that will transform both your professional skills and your personal well-being. Here’s an updated overview of what this workshop has to offer, including an essential addition to the experience:

1. Enhance Proprioception and Body Awareness:

The fluidity and spatial awareness of a well tuned fascial network

Master techniques to improve proprioception and body awareness, crucial for facilitating holistic well-being in your clients, while experiencing these benefits firsthand. Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration (ABSI) represents a transformative journey in bodywork therapy, blending the insights of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and Thomas Myers with a deep understanding of proprioception and the fundamental role of gravity. This holistic approach not only addresses physical discomfort but also enriches our interaction with the world, harmonizing the body with its environment.

2. Master Pain Reduction Techniques:

Creating freedom around the cervical spine

Learn to address chronic pain through fascial manipulation, gaining skills to alter pain perception in clients and experiencing pain reduction yourself.

3. Promote Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being:

Don’t settle for less. Put the spring back in your step with Adaptive Bodywork

Understand the impact of ABSI on stress and emotional resilience. Apply techniques that promote relaxation and balance, and feel the shift within your own nervous system.

4. Facilitate Enhanced Neuroplasticity:

Neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change and adapt throughout life

Explore how soft tissue manipulation can stimulate neuroplasticity for recovery and improved movement patterns, while benefiting from these neurological enhancements yourself.

5. Improve Circulation and Lymphatic Flow:

Moving fluidly after Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration

Discover techniques for better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and enjoy the health benefits of improved metabolic exchange and toxin removal.

6. Navigate Structural Changes with the Nervous System:

Close-up imagery showing the intricate sensory receptors within the fascial tissue

Learn to assist the nervous system in adapting to structural changes, and experience an improved integration of your body’s structural and functional aspects.

7. Experience a Complete Head-to-Toe Transformational Routine:

Engaging in the Evolving Science of Fascia at an Adaptive Bodywork Seminar

An essential part of the STM1 workshop is the opportunity to both apply these techniques to fellow practitioners and receive a complete head-to-toe transformational bodywork routine yourself. This dual experience allows you to fully understand the impact of your work on clients, realizing just how much they depend on you for this transformative process. It ensures that you not only leave with enhanced professional capabilities but also with a personal rejuvenation that reminds you of the profound effects of Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration (ABSI).

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The STM1 certification workshop is a pivotal moment for professionals looking to elevate their practice and for anyone passionate about fostering well-being through bodywork. By participating, you’ll gain not just the skills to transform the lives of your clients, but also the firsthand experience of ABSI’s power to change your own body and mind.

Reserve your spot today for an unforgettable journey of learning, personal growth, and professional development. Join us in Montreal on March 23-24, 2024, and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference through the art of Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration (ABSI).

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