Damjan Radulovic

Ottawa ON Canada

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Damjan Radulovic, Mag. Prof - Personal trainer, Level 4 at Movati Athletic

"John is an amazing teacher and extremely knowledgeable about human kinetics. His ability to breakdown complex topics and put them in simple words have helped me to better understand how the human body works and how to correctly apply the Adaptive bodywork techniques on my clients. It has made a huge impact on my business and I will definitely continue to pursue John's teachings."

Damjan Radulovic, Mag. Prof  
Personal trainer, Level 4 at Movati Athletic

Elena Gavrina

Montreal, QC, Canada

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Elena Gavrina - Studied at Московский государственный университет имени Ломоносова

The progress apparently was so visible that someone asked me what have I done to go from being miserable just few weeks ago  to perfectly happy. So your good work speaks for itself.

I am definitely back on track and the shoulder is clearly healing now.

My body feels more elastic and my movements seem more powerful. I was able to easily go into deep over-splits on both legs, something that I struggled with before.

I am so happy to be able to do things again, that I am going a bit nuts in the gym. So I will probably screw myself up in some new way soon.

Dave Maclean

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Dave MacLean - Strength and Conditioning coach

Hi John, Hope you remember me. I'm one of Shawn's Agatsu instructors... Man that treatment you gave, as painful as it was, was the most effective. Sure wish you had a clone out in Vancouver! Hope you're well man!

Eliza Courchesne

Bécancour, QC, Canada

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Eliza Courchesne - Clinique Eliza Courchesne
Physical Therapist · Massage Service

Je suis de plus en plus convaincu de la puissance de cette technique... Enfin une thérapie donc le patient lui même en est responsable!! C'est EXACTEMENT sa que je recherche dans ma pratique, conscientiser mes clients a leur corps, les rendre autonome tout en obtenant les résultats voulu...

Bref, j'ai hâte a samedi!

WOW! Je suis vraiment encore une fois très enthousiaste a la suite de ce 2ième w-e de formation Unit 1!  Merci beaucoup pour se partage, j'apprend bcp avec toi John, et j'adore sa. Tu es quelqu'un de généreux et de passionné.

Petra Fischer

Toronto, ON, Canada

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Petra Fischer - Be antifragile. Movement nutrition for resilience, health and joy.

John's work is fascinating and remarkably effective. Highly recommended!

Daniel Stanford

Montreal, QC, CAnada

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Daniel Stanford - mixed media artist

This is the MAN the METHOD the therapy that got me running after 10 years of not being able walk for more than an hour. I owe a lot to John Sutherland for getting my body to be in a better place. I really recommend fascial work for anyone who has any movement problems.

Carlo Celotti

Toronto, ON, Canada

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Carlo Celotti All in One Strength and Conditioning – Director of AIO, - B.P.H.E., M.Sc – University of Toronto

I just finished Unit 1 of Adaptive Bodywork this weekend and all I can say is "Wow!" I experienced amazing increases in range of motion and reductions in joint pain, all through easy to learn techniques. This was seen throughout all attendees. I highly recommend taking this course if you're looking for highly effective ways to decrease pain as well as improve range of motion and performance in those you work with. I'm certainly looking at taking it again myself.

Sean Francis

Lindsay, ON, Canada

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Sean Francis - Kawartha Lakes Chiropractic

The Adaptive Bodywork workshop I participated in last weekend in Toronto was brilliant!

My background is in kinesiology and chiropractic, and now adaptive bodywork has given me an additional tool to help my patients move better and without pain.

Within the last week since attending the workshop I have already started to apply the concepts of adaptive bodywork in my treatment plans, and am seeing incredible success with my patients.

I have also applied the concept of adaptive bodywork to my own movement, and have improved ranges of motion which I have not had in many years. This allows me to be stronger when I train, and also move without pain.

John is an incredible facilitator and very knowledgeable on the subject of fascia, anatomy, and human movement.

I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in moving better, and/or helping clients or patients of theirs to move better.


Pascale Dumontier

Montreal, QC, Canada

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Pascale Dumontier - Crossfit Athlete

Just the beginning but already feel a huge difference thanks John for your work.

Sohail Be

Toronto, ON, Canada

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Sohail Be - Co-Owner / COO Academy of Lions

Great session with John. Thank you for an awesome hour of Fascial Stretch Therapy!