Yaëlle Wittes

Montreal, Quebec

Yaëlle Wittes - is an Adaptive Bodywork practitioner and a Level II Authorized Teacher from the K. Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India.,

These sessions are intense, and not without some discomfort (pain!), but transformative.
I left feeling high and wobbly, and while I could tell right away there were changes happening,
it was the next day that I really felt like a different person. I was super energized, felt strong,
and my alignment had shifted. Practicing yoga, I was more connected and way more open – not
only in the areas we worked on, but in my whole body. I didn't have pain for the first time in
a long time, and I felt so good, happy, and actually vibrating with energy.  

The changes for me were night and day, physically, emotionally and energetically. John, you
are great to work with, and although some of the work is sensory rich (painful!), you inspire confidence
which helps me move through those moments without fear.  And despite the intensity, I like
the experience of working through a place of tension to understand what is happening in my body,
become aware of my patterns, and find release.  

Truly an awesome experience.  


Thank you so much! :)



Monica LA Canducci

Montreal, Quebec

Monica LA Canducci

After two days, I am still integrating the work we did in the workshop. I mean, I feel my body still happily working (the feeling of "sparkly water" in my body tissues is still present here and there). 

I found John's way of teaching very effective, essential and precise, and the work really deep, effective and complete, too. It is the first time that I have come home after such a short (two days) and intense workshop feeling that my system is engaged, but not too stressed. I mean, I feel that even if my body keeps on working, this is a good echo of the work done, and not an effort due to having to "put together my pieces again" (that usually happens when I attend a workshop or a training where the part about integration is missing).  I think that the workshop is very well "designed", too. And, of course, I am very enthusiastic about using the new tools I brought home. About my practice, working as a Rolfer and Rolf Movement practitioner, for me this was really precious to approach Structural Integration with such a new perspective that it will give me the opportunity to work with clients involving my complete body in a very effective way.

About me as a dance performer and a woman, what is really making me happy is the feeling that I can keep improving and improving, despite what I hear around about aging. I think I am one among those rare women who do NOT complain about aging and menopause. I mean, I never felt I was losing something because of aging or because of the passing of time, but during the workshop I realized that I was content just "feeling the same" as, maybe, I felt ten years ago, and I had stopped feeling true improvements after a very strong shingles attack occurred in 2014. For me it was actually such a big challenge to come back to how I was feeling before the attack, that I forgot that I could improve more and again. So, now I'm really happy to feel that there is really space for further improvements! 


Lauren Sage

Portland, Oregon

Lauren Sage

Completed my Adaptive Bodywork certification over the weekend. And let me tell you, I'm in awe. The changes in performance level that occurred with the participants, including myself, were astounding. I watched a personal trainer go from about a foot off of the ground to a full split in about 15 minutes using the techniques. Her name is J.R. and she had never done the splits before. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to more. John Sutherland, you are brilliant! It was an experience that I will never forget. being a participant and a practitioner within the process of certification was a most valuable experience. You are one of a kind and I absolutely loved the wealth of knowledge you shared, your enthusiasm for helping people get their body movement back, and your entertaining way of getting us through the tough techniques and then rejoicing in our wins. My big win (well I had many, but the one I really wanted to achieve) was a full (and perfect) yogi squat. I did it! Now, I realize that this may seem like an easy feat (just try one with the body posture in the correct position and keeping your balance). Now, do it with a Clubbell extended in front of you in full and correct position! My body is able to do things I have not done in over 10 years and some things it's never been able to achieve. To put in into perspective I will be 46 years old next month, and I can report that with Len Benoit as my (world-class) trainer, a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb eating routine and Adaptive Body Work, my body has a freedom of movement, a mobility, and agility that I never imagined I could have and by May my weight will match up to my youthful movement. John SutherlandLen Benoit, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And... I'm ready for more... what's next? 

Matthew Johnson

Montreal, Quebec

Matthew Johnson, Head Coach , Route Setter at Bloc Shop

John's innovative approach to functional assessment, communication and exploration of the body are both powerful and incredibly accessible. The process through which we assess tissue function empowers you to safely explore the optimization of athletic performance and recall injury or imbalance to proper form.  The experience of discovering new functionality within a single session truly changes the way one considers what 'normal' means in muscle performance.  Any coach , trainer, or athlete who expects to perform and progress consistently should view Adaptive Bodywork as an essential tool in their training system.

Angèle Dubeau

Montréal, Québec

Angèle Dubeau - Violoniste

"D'aussi loin que je me souvienne la musique fait partie de ma vie.
Tout comme un athlète le musicien use et façonne son corps.
Le violon n'étant certes pas une position naturelle,
j'ai depuis toujours fait appel à des thérapeutes pour m'aider.
Depuis un an je vois régulièrement John Sutherland qui m'a très efficacement
redonné amplitude et souplesse dans mes mouvements en plus de m'enlever des douleurs persistantes.

Merci John !"




Alexis Jacques

Ottawa ON

Former Tactical Athlete

"I use Adaptive Bodywork as my first stop every time. When it comes to acute injuries, I can work to resolve them with clients in a matter of minutes, or at least set them up for success with recovery..."

Dr. Sean Francis

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Owner of TowerHill Chiropractic &
Kawartha Lakes Chiropractic

"Adaptive Bodywork helped me to move better and address some long term hip and shoulder issues I had. It has also given me a unique tool that I can offer to my chiropractic patients and fitness clients as well..."

Valery Ulric

Montreal, Quebec

Owner of CrossFit Montreal

"After a few sessions with Adaptive Bodywork, I had to change direction. There is no better way, as you grow older, to feel healthier..."

Dave MacLean

Vancouver, British Columbia

A Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Based in Vancouver,
Dave has Trained and Coached Over 1,000 People Across Canada...

"Adaptive Bodywork got me training hard again after a serious lumbar spine injury. I now use it with my personal training clients, as it allows me to work with people who I would have previously had to refer out..."

Terry Christensen

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Terry Christensen PT, CSCS

Hi John
I just wanted to thank you for a great course on the weekend. I have applied the principles and techniques of Adaptive Bodywork with my clients over the last 5 days with great success :) As a physio for the last 16 yrs I have taken many courses and I can honestly say your course has had one the most dramatic immediate affect on my practice. You were a great teacher and I appreciated your insightfulness in understanding human movement. Please put me on your email list I would be interested in further study with you especially in how you use principles of structural integration when assessing clients..... if you do that sort of thing in the other courses. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Terry Christensen PT, CSCS
Registered Physiotherapist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist