What is the ideal frequency of Adaptive Bodywork sessions if I wish to remain pain free with uncompromised mobility?

Adaptive Bodywork sessions can be as often as twice a day or as infrequently as once per month. It really depends on the client's energy level and their ability to integrate the work and make it their own.

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Does Adaptive Bodywork focus on athletes or can anyone profit from it?

Whether you are a circus performer, an acrobat, a gymnast, an Olympic lifter, a X-Fit athlete, or any form of athlete engaged in the rigors of intense training and sports specialization, it is important to understand the consequences that injury to an athlete’s connective tissue support system will have on their potential for coordinated, pain free movement.

When a structural dysfunction resulting from an injury like a fall or a strong impact with an external body or a wrong move is not recognized, its impact on the body will have life long repercussions. This dysfunction to the athlete’s support system will continue to interact negatively with all future athletic movements, creating a series of performance limiting compensations that will ultimately compromise the athlete’s likelyhood for success.

It is a priority to rapidly restore balance in the athlete’s support system to avoid further structural dysfunction, dysfunction that will be exacerbated through the continued efforts of training and competition.


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