Adaptive Bodywork Unit I workshop - Movati Athletic

Unit I Foundation Principles & Techniques - Movati Athletic - Ottawa - (613) 515-2663

Aches and Pains?
Nobody likes them. They are symptomatic of the ugly iceberg of structural dysfunction rearing its ugly head to make you take notice.
Everyone's body is closing in on them but nobody knows what to do about it.
Independently of whether we do more or we do less, we are progressively becoming shrink wrapped in our connective tissue support system.
It seems like the law of diminishing returns. The more we train, the tighter we get.
Things start to hurt, mobility is lost and inevitably technique suffers. We 
begin to spiral out of control as compensations, compromised form, and overtraining pave the way to injury, wasted time and finally disinterest in our former passions.

Is this really necessary or inevitable?
Are we doomed to degeneration, dysfunction and disrepair?
What can be done to maintain our bodies?

Adaptive Bodywork is a holistic modality that stems from Rolf Structural Integration and is developed by Structural Integrators. Practitioners of Adaptive Bodywork view the body holistically and use their bodies adaptively to do the work (hands, feet, arms, elbows etc.) on a variety of surfaces (floor, table, bench, etc.).
The work realigns and properly tensions the client’s fascial support network, laying down a new and more youthful structural architecture. The client is engaged and participates actively during this process.
The initial unit focuses on the integration of parts or segments of the body with the objective of creating more efficient movement patterns. This approach enhances the structural and functional integrity of these tissues, 
relieving pain, increasing mobility, & functional range of motion