Unit II Assessment & Corrective Strategies - Human 2.0 - Ottawa

Human 2.0 - Adaptive Bodywork Unit I certification - February 4-5, 2017 - Ottawa

Unit II Assessment & Corrective Strategies

In Unit II we will be developing the skills and vocabulary necessary for effective body reading and the ability to relate the findings in a non ambiguous fashion. These body reading skills will be combined with other objective screening and assessment protocols to quickly and clearly demonstrate exactly what is happening in our client's support systems, both statically and dynamically. Equipped with this information we will then be in the position to relocate our client's bodies in a better place, one that optimizes their postural support strategy and energy efficiency. 

These assessments will serve to develop effective Adaptive Bodywork corrective strategies that initially target the client's weakest link. Using an iterative algorithm that employs correctives and retesting, we will progressively develop functional movement behaviours that are both healthy and sustainable. 

The 2 day workshop will be punctuated with a Ground Force Method movement flow series that will serve to reintroduce us to the fundamental neuro-developmental sequence that serves as the basis for all effective human locomotion. This series will help bridge the gap between the structural/bio-mechanical work accomplished over the weekend and the neural component needed to eventually re-pattern the new movement behaviours at a reflexive level.

Having addressed Movement with it's mobility-stability components we will conclude by putting you on the development path you need to be on to help sustain function and health. Using the FCS (functional capacity screen) we will determine if fitness is your first obstacle or if we need to go back down the chain and shore up elements of health and function before continuing. Are the athletes or clients ready to safely explore the next dimension of performance by adding capacity training to their routines?